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Lawyers for Head Injuries and Traumatic Brain Injuries

Head injuries and brain injuries are serious conditions that affect the victim’s life forever. The damage from a brain injury often happens in a matter of seconds, and its effects will persist for the remainder of the victim’s life. When head and brain injuries are not fatal, the survivors are still left with permanent disabilities that can often prevent them from working or from being able to care for themselves. If you or someone you care about suffered a brain injury, you need a team of lawyers in the San Fernando Valley who have experience on their side

Causes of Brain Injury

There are two main ways that negligence can cause brain injury: traumatic injury and medical malpractice. Traumatic injury causes brain injury when there is some sort of impact to the head or a violent accident that causes brain damage. These types of injuries can come from car accidents, fall injuries, work accidents, or any other type of accident. On the other hand, sometimes medical mistakes can cause brain injuries, such as untreated or misdiagnosed infections, birth injuries, or deprivation of oxygen to the brain. Regardless of the underlying cause, all brain injuries are serious and require immediate medical treatment in order to stop the swelling in the brain from causing any further damage.

Consequences of Injuries to the Brain

Whether a traumatic brain injury (also known as a TBI) or brain damage from medical negligence, all of these injuries have serious and life-altering consequences to the victim. No two brain injuries are exactly the same, because the individual’s personal characteristics, area of the brain affected, and the severity of the damage all vary greatly. However, some of the permanent effects of a brain injury include:

– Speech difficulties

– Mobility difficulties, including partial or total paralysis or loss of control over muscular functions

– Cognitive deficiencies

– Sensory deficiencies, including hearing loss and vision loss

– Permanent change in personality, extreme mood changes and mental illness

– Both long- and short-term memory loss

– Comatose state
While these are only a selection of some of the permanent effects of brain injury, they are an indication of the seriousness of these conditions and the level of care that brain-injured persons require after their injuries.

While some patients are able to relearn some of their abilities, most brain injured victims never recover.

Brain Injury Lawsuits are Different

SM Law Group knows the difference between a brain injury lawsuit and any other personal injury lawsuits. Brain injuries are catastrophic, irreversible injuries that deserve large settlements for the impact they have on a victim’s life. Yet brain injury claims are often denied or undervalued by insurance companies because they are difficult to diagnose and difficult to understand. But SM Law Group’s experienced San Fernando Valley brain injury lawyers know better. We know how to present your case in a way that will help you get the maximum settlement for your injuries. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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