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Wage garnishment lawyers Los Angeles

If you have an issue that can be very embarrassing like where you may need your wages garnished, one of the things that you want to quickly do, is contact wage garnishment lawyers. Los Angeles has some of the top lawyers that you can reach out to in the firm
SM Law Group. The benefits to utilizing these lawyers, is that they specialize in areas of expertise like bankruptcy, debt negotiation, different types of wage garnishments, foreclosures and judgment lien.


They understand that it’s important that if you have an issue as it relates to a judgment from a creditor, that the best you can do is to reach out to someone who can help you.
Obviously, if you have a judgment against you, it’s because you were not making payments. There may be a valid reason why you weren’t able to make your payments because you had something that came up like a lack of hours at work, additional debts, or a medical injury.

Because we understand that different things can come into play like this, that’s why we want you to contact the SM Law Group to help to ensure that you have someone who can represent you and do it in a quick way to stop the garnishments right away.

When you contact our firm, SM Law Group, which is conveniently located in Los Angeles on West 5th Street, can have your garnishments stopped in their tracks because you can file bankruptcy that can help to save you time and money.


We know that if you need an attorney, you want to hire someone that you can trust who is reliable and will be there for you. That’s why we want you to contact the SM Law Group, a boutique firm that will work to give you the help you need. A top benefit to using this type of firm is that your attorney’s have a great background in helping people and their backgrounds demonstrate it.


While no one wants to file a bankruptcy because they feel like it’s going to look bad on their record, a wage garnishment looks worse because that means that all of your bills may now spiral out of control. A wage garnishment will take money from your account without your approval or consent. By contacting SM Law Group and having them set up a bankruptcy, the wage garnishment will stop immediately. You can set up a Chapter 7 that writes off all of your debts, or you can pursue a Chapter 13.

A lot of people don’t know that Chapter 13 is a viable option for them. What this means for you, is that when you file Chapter 13 you are able to have the creditors stop calling and harassing you and they will stop contacting you via mail.


You can quickly get set up on a payment plan and this will help to ensure that you have anywhere from 2 to 3 years to up to 5 years to pay back certain types of bills. This is commonly used for someone who may not meet income requirements for Chapter 7 where you may make too much money than what is allowed in a Chapter 7. That’s where a Chapter 13 comes in.

The Chapter 13 will also stop wage garnishment right away, which will ensure that any additional money from your job will continue to go into your account, and you can then use the payment plan to pay off your bills over that set period of time which can be a few years.


When you are ready to pursue these options, contact us right away and rest assured that we can help you with your wage garnishment. You can go through our website or call us at (866) 201-1920 for a fee consultation. Our website is listed under smlawca.com.

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