Practice Areas

We offer debt relief solutions for people and small businesses throughout California.

At SM Law Group, our job is to assist you with getting through these troubling financial times. Before starting SM Law Group, we were associates at one of the largest bankruptcy firms in Los Angeles, – we gained a great deal of experience serving clients with all types of troubling circumstances.

We are now bringing this large firm experience to you at a personal level.


A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can wipe out all your unsecured debts within a period of months. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is for those that have some money left over after paying… [Read More]

Debt Negotiation

In many situations, a bankruptcy may not be the right or only answer. Some people may make too much money, have too much in assets, or have a prior bankruptcy within the last 8 years… [Read More]

Creditor Abuse / FDCPA

Your Federal and State governments protect you, the consumer, against abusive and harassing collection attempts by creditors and collection agencies… [Read More]

Judgment Liens

Many individuals do not seek bankruptcy protection in time, which allows creditors to place involuntary or judgment liens on their assets such homes, cars, or bank accounts… [Read More]

Personal Injury Attorneys in Los Angeles

People who have suffered any injuries resulting from an accident and the negligence of another normally face significant medical, financial and personal issues. [Read More]

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