Riverside Bankruptcy Attorney

If you have issues with debts and taxes, and you definitely know that you need help with paying your debts because it’s gotten out of control, then you may want to consider hiring someone who can help you file for a Chapter 11 or a Chapter 13. That’s why you want to hire some of the top bankruptcy lawyers in Riverside. Look no further than SM Law Group.


The SM Law Group, is made up of John Sarai, who is a partner with the firm, as well as Kian Mottahedeh who is another partner with the firm. Their practice is located conveniently at 3890 11th Street, 1st floor, Suite 110, in Riverside California. The benefits to utilizing them are that you can rest assured that if you have an overwhelming amount of debt that you can’t sort through yourself, it may be something that you want to have them handle for you because they can put a stop to harassing calls right away.


Because SM Law Group specializes in different types of bankruptcy, they can you to better understand Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 options. If you choose Chapter 7, you may find that this wipes out all of your unsecured debt. It also helps to put a stop to harassing calls from creditors right away. This can be beneficial for someone who may have a problem where they had:

  • A sickness or sudden hospitalization
  • A job loss or slow down in work hours
  • Financial hardship
  • A separation or divorce
  • A death of a spouse taking away your primary source of income

When you file for Chapter 13, this is a little bit different, in that you are going to be restructuring your payments and this will give you a grace period stretched out over a few years. That way you can pay your creditors back over three to five years.


If you are struggling with your mortgage, and you’re facing foreclosure, make sure you also talk to the attorney about this. You may have options as it relates to filing for Chapter 13 in that they may ask about the value of your home, as the value of your home, if it’s less than the amount that’s you owed on the actual first mortgage, you may be able to get this tied into your Chapter 13.

Bankruptcy is not something that you want to take lightly, it’s something that you have to consider and you need to speak to an attorney about it to understand this particular type of process, and all that it entails.


Sometimes you need a fresh start and a lot of people don’t realize that by filing for Chapter 7 or 13, this actually gives you a way to have your creditors stop coming after you for the particular debt that you owe. When you file a Chapter 7, keep in mind, that as you re-establish your credit, and you will be able to do that within a few months, and this will help to ensure that you build your credit back up.

Your goal with doing this is not to have a cheap way to file to have your debts eliminated because you just don’t want to pay, but it’s to be used as an emergency resource if you don’t have the option, or any other viable alternative with which to pay your bills.

Some people who consider bankruptcy as an option may find that not only are they able to get back on track, but they’re able to:

  • File for new credit cards and get approvals
  • They can get new car loans
  • They can even apply for home loans usually after about 2 years

That’s where SM Law Group can help you. Our practice is about helping people to be able to deal with debt negotiations in this matter or deal with bankruptcies to ensure that they have a voice and representation. If you want more information, our site is listed under www.smlawca.com, or you can call us for a free consultation at (866) 201-1290.


Contact us today and that way we can discuss your options. No one wants to feel alone or like they don’t have answers when they have debts beyond their control. That’s why we’re here for you.

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