Riverside Foreclosure Attorney

If you feel like you’re having an issue with your mortgage, and you need foreclosure lawyers, Riverside has the best law team for you. We’re talking about SM Law Group and are law partners John Sarai and Kiam Mottahedeh are here to help you.


Their practice specializes in helping people deal with such as choose as bankruptcy, debt negotiations, wage garnishments, foreclosures and evictions, and judgment liens. As we are conveniently located at 3890 11th Street, 1st floor, Suite 110, in Riverside, California, 92501. You can stop in for an appointment. Our telephone number is (866) 201-1920 call us to set up a free consultation. You can also find us on the web at smlawca.com.


One of the reasons that you may be thinking about contacting a foreclosure lawyer, is that you have rights. Maybe having a foreclosure is something that you are unsure about, because you’ve never had an issue with your payments or been behind in your finances before. That’s why we want you to contact our firm.


  1. Maybe you’ve had a health related problem
  2. Maybe you had an issue where you lost your job or your hours at work and it’s affected your finances
  3. Maybe you separated from your spouse
  4. Maybe there were hospital bills you had for a loved one and now that you just can’t get ahead


SM Law Group can help and they are experienced attorneys who understand various issues with debt negotiation or how to negotiate terms to fix your credit and can even set up a potential bankruptcy or debt negotiations. When you’re ready, let SM Law Group explain the options that are available to you.

We understand that sometimes things that can come into play with in foreclosure has to do with how the terms are structured and set up. It may not have been your fault that you received an adjustable rate, or an arm or balloon payments that you didn’t even realize you were signing up for.

That’s why our team of attorneys can help to ensure that you are represented in the best manner possible to save your home.


When you contact our firm, we will tell you different things that are available to you as it relates to helping with your foreclosure issues. We’re not even going to consider it something where you have to give up your home and your rights, because you have rights that you just don’t know about.


For example, you can file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 and help to save your home.
What this means is that if you file a Chapter 7, maybe you don’t have money to pay your creditors back and you’ll be able to walk away from your mortgage and you don’t have to worry about the added debt and the burden from it. There are other options including a Chapter 13, which may be more of a viable option for you if you want to save your home.

By filing a Chapter 13, this can help to ensure that it gives you more time so that way you can still continue to make your safe payments, but you can space them out over five years to give you time to get caught up on your bills.

That’s why we want you to contact SM Law Group where our attorneys can help you.
Because we understand that it may have been that you were sick, you were out of work or laid off, you may have had a sudden injury, or a sudden setback like a separation or divorce.

When you are ready to discuss your case and find out the various options that are available to you, let us know SM Law Group is here to help and you have rights.

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