Riverside Student Loan Help

Being financially independent is praised, but what happens when that need for independence comes in the form of student loans? It is encouraged that students work to get scholarships and grants to fund their education before seeking out loans, but sometimes this is just not an option. It has become easier to take out a loan to pay for college than it is to get a scholarship, and that ease leads to a larger population of Americans with significant student loan debt. If you find yourself struggling under student loan debt, come to us. At SM Law Group, we can explore the many options to get you the student loan help you deserve, and to make you more financially stable as you move into the bright future you worked so hard to achieve.

There are many ways to make your loan payments more manageable, including deferment, which would postpone your payments until after you leave school. You may also be able to defer your student loans if you cannot find work or if you are not employed full-time. However, you may also want to consider consolidating your loans. This often gives you more flexibility with your payment options (most of which are income based, providing even more ways to make repayment easier) and can even extend the life of your loan. While extending the life of your loan means that you pay more interest over time, it also means that your payments each month will be smaller and easier to manage.

You may also look into having your student loans forgiven, particularly if you are having trouble finding full-time employment after graduation. There are many programs that reward participants with the elimination of part/all of their student loans; joining volunteer organizations such as AmeriCorps and Peace Corps allows you to gain valuable experience while also eliminating your student loan debt. Depending on the duration of your commitment, you can have up to 70% of your Perkins Loans forgiven, or even earn a stipend. Volunteering can be a good option for people with extra time, or those who are looking to give back after their college career comes to a close.

There are many options available to recent graduates and to those who are no longer enrolled in a higher education program. If you are in the Riverside area, contact SM Law Group today and schedule a meeting with one of our attorneys. We have years of experience dealing with student loans, and we can help you determine which type of help is best suited to your needs; whether it is deferment, forgiveness or consolidation, we can help you understand the process and make an informed decision.

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