San Bernadino Bankruptcy Attorney

San Bernardino Bankruptcy Lawyers

If you need bankruptcy lawyers in San Bernardino, then look no further than the SM Law Group. SM Law, which stands for Sarai / Mottahedeh, is a specialty law practice that helps people to deal with various types of things like:

  • Judgments
  • Garnishments
  • Bankruptcies
  • Credit card issues
  • Debt negotiations
  • Wage garnishments


One of the reasons that you want to contact a firm like this, is if you were let go from your job, and maybe you thought you had a great plan in place to make payments and have everything paid off in time, it may not have worked out that way. That’s just life sometimes. Maybe you had a lot of extra bills that came in, maybe you were going through a job loss, or you had a sudden sickness that contributed to a great deal of medical debt.

One thing that we can tell you is that the SM Law Group understands that different things can happen and come into play that aren’t in your control or your capacity to resolve them. Maybe you had tried to set up negotiations on your own, and now it is leading to you considering declaring bankruptcy. That’s why SM Law Group is here to help you.

Whether you’re considering filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you want to ensure that you understand the processes that are involved as they relate to you.


When you set up a consultation with us, we will sit down and discuss with you all of your bills that you have and whether or not you should declare Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. What this means for you, is that if you file a Chapter 7, you’re going to get rid of all of your unsecured debts right away. While this process may take a few months, it will help to stop all of the creditor calls, and all of the mail that’s coming in and any judgments that may be filed against you.

When you file a Chapter 13, this will give you a few years to get your bills paid back. Maybe you need three to five years to get caught up on your debts and the benefit of having this is you can still:

  • Take out loans down the road
  • You can still apply for a new mortgage
  • You can apply for car loans and credit again


By pursuing this option, it can help to give you a fresh start. This is beneficial for someone who may have gone through a sudden job loss, or a sudden medical injury or sickness that you were not prepared for. That’s why we’re here to help. Because we know that you want results, we are here to ensure that you get the support that you need


Not only will be answer your calls promptly and make sure that we get back to you in a timely manner, but will work with you. As a boutique firm, that will ensure you get a more personalized service. You may not know it, but one of the benefits to having a smaller boutique firm, is that as we are able to get directly in contact with you, we can help you get your case settled in a quicker fashion.

Your consultation with us will be free and we will speak to you and help to ensure you have all of your questions answered. You don’t have to worry about your work being passed on to a paralegal, or someone else who you’re going to have to explain the whole case to all over again.

The SM Law Group is conveniently located in California and you can reach us at (866) 201-1920. You can also view our website at where you can look at our areas of expertise, review facts about the firm, as well as other areas that we can help you with and you can set up a free consultation online. Contact us today!

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