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If you are having a problem with debts, and you’re concerned that either you’re going to have your wages garnished, or you’ve already found out that money was taken out of your account, then you need to contact wage garnishment lawyers. San Bernardino has the best wage garnishment attorneys for you in SM Law Group.

SM Law Group is run by business partners John Sarai and Kiam Mottahedeh who are two successful attorneys who have helped people deal with wage garnishment issues. This can be something that you can set up right away with a free phone consultation to our office. Contact us at (866) 201-1920.


  • Maybe you’ve had a major health setback
  • Maybe you had a problem in court with your ex and it has affected your finances
  • Maybe you lost your job or had your hours changed to only part time and can’t pay your bills
  • Maybe you are paying hospital bills for a sick relative and can’t get ahead


When you contact the attorneys in our practice, we will set up a consultation right away to ensure we put a stop to your wage garnishment as quickly as possible. SM Law Group understands a wage garnishment can sometimes make matters worse because it takes money out of your account that you don’t have.
You can also reach us via our website at where you can read about various areas of law that we specialize in including debt negotiations, judgments and liens, foreclosures and evictions, bankruptcies and wage garnishments.


When you have an issue as it relates to a creditor, one of things that you want to do is ensure that you have someone who can help to serve as a mediator to help you get the matter resolved. It can be extremely embarrassing to have your employer know that you’re having a problem making payments on an account and that it’s gotten to the level of a lien. When a wage garnishment takes place, what ends up happening, is creditors can take up to 25 percent of your pay check out of your account.

Not only will your job know, but your HR department will find out about it when they receive paperwork to garnish your wages. This can be a very embarrassing for an employee who may have had small issues with bills that have gotten out of control. Because you don’t want to look bad with your employers, it’s something that you want to have resolved quickly. That’s why we want you to contact SM Law Group to help to ensure that we can get you back on track.


One of the ways that we can do this is through various types of bankruptcy filings. You can file a Chapter 7, or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and this can help to stop your wages from being garnished right away.

Because this is a method that works promptly and right away, this will help to keep money in your account, as we understand that you have other bills that you will have to pay. That’s where a bankruptcy can help. It’s not as detrimental as people once thought it was. When you file for bankruptcy like a Chapter 7, this would take all of your debts off of your account.

The other option would be the Chapter 13, which would allow you time to pay your bills, usually two to three years, and sometimes longer to set up a payment plan so that you can continue to make payments and get back on track. That’s one of the reasons that we want you to contact SM Law Group, because you have rights.

While it may be an embarrassing when you first find out that your wages might be garnished or you find out that money is out of your account, rest assured that we can help to get you back on track and stop withdrawals right away! Contact us right away and let’s put a stop to your wage garnishment today!

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