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When your creditors are seeking a bank levy, it can be a scary and confusing time. How can they just take money out of your bank account without your permission? What if you were saving that money so that you could pay your mortgage and not lose your house? What if you had already earmarked that money for food, utilities, rent, or other bills that you need to pay? At SM Law Group, we can help you protect your assets when your creditors attempt to seek a bank levy against you. In some situations, you may need to consider filing for bankruptcy to put a stop to creditors seeking judgment liens, wage garnishments, and levies on your assets. Regardless of your situation, SM Law Group can help you. Our attorneys are compassionate and experienced in handling these types of matters.

How do Creditors Get Bank Levies?

If you owe a creditor (such as a credit card company, bank who loaned you money, or business debt holder), your creditor has many different options to try to recover the money they are owed. One way is by seeking a judgment lien from the court system, where they get an interest in (in the form of a lien) an asset you own. Liens can attach to homes, cars, personal property, or even bank accounts. When a judgment lien is assessed against a bank account, it is called a bank levy. A bank levy then allows the creditor to draw funds from your account without your permission to satisfy the judgment issued by the court for the amount that is owed to them.

Can I Prevent a Bank Levy?

If a creditor is in the process of seeking a bank levy or other type of lien, you may have some options and means of stopping them from accessing your funds. One way is to utilize bankruptcy protections. When you file for bankruptcy, creditors will no longer be able to seek liens, wage garnishments, or bank levies to satisfy the debt. They will instead be forced to utilize the bankruptcy process, where certain amounts of your assets will be protected against the creditors and unreachable through the bankruptcy process. At SM Law Group, we have helped many men and women in the San Fernando Valley area prevent bank levies through bankruptcy and we can help you, too.

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If you are experiencing difficulty paying your debts and you are facing a bank levy, SM Law Group can help. We have successfully helped many clients in the San Fernando Valley fight off wage garnishments, bank levies, and judgment liens on their homes and possessions. We believe that someone facing financial difficulties deserves the support of a full-service law firm that can help them stand up to their creditors and ensure that the solution works for the debtor and their family and allows them to get on track towards a healthy financial future. If you are looking for attorneys who care about your financial health and want to help you, call SM Law Group today.

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