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Attorneys for Back Taxes and Audits

At SM Law Group in San Fernando Valley, our attorneys assist debtors in negotiation and resolution with their creditors. In some cases, the creditors are credit card companies, car companies, mortgage holders, or business debts. However, many of our clients also come to us with tax issues. At SM Law Group, we are a full-service firm that provides assistance with wage garnishments, debt negotiation, mortgage negotiation, and bankruptcy. As a full-service law firm, we can also help clients who owe back taxes to the state or federal government.

How Tax Deficiencies Accrue

For Californians who are working a full-time job with payroll, it might be harder to accrue a tax deficiency. As long as you file your taxes in a timely manner and ensure any deductions are in order, your tax return will not result in a debt to the government. However, for self-employed Californians or those who work on a contract basis, a tax deficiency can accrue very quickly, or can even be the result of a misunderstanding in the filing of taxes. This is especially true for those in Los Angeles who work in the entertainment industry, where many employees are temporary and are paid in lump-sum payments without any taxes being withheld. Regardless of the tax issue you are facing, SM Law Group can help. We can communicate with the tax authority to sort out your debt and get you on a payment plan that works well and allows you to pay down your debt and move forward with your life.

What to Do if You’re Being Audited or you Owe Taxes

Many Californians don’t know that they have a right to question and challenge the audit process. Through audit appeals or negotiation with the state or federal taxing authorities, your attorney can reduce the amount you owe or ensure that your payment of back taxes is a payment plan that allows you to pay back all of your debts while still having enough income to live on. Don’t wait until you are facing wage garnishment, bank levy, or court proceedings for your back tax debt. Let SM Law Group help you resolve your tax issues before they permanently impact your financial health.

Call SM Law Group Today for Assistance with Your Tax Matter

If you are facing the Internal Revenue Service or the California tax authority, you need an attorney on your side. At SM Law Group, we believe in taking a comprehensive approach to debt resolution, which often includes negotiating with tax authorities on your behalf. Remember, not every attorney knows the ins and outs of tax law and how it affects your finances or your bankruptcy filing. At SM Law Group, our attorneys have the experience and the knowledge to help you navigate California tax law.

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