San Fernando Valley Vehicular Attorney

Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles

Large numbers of injuries are experienced by drivers and pedestrians in the city of Los Angeles. No matter how careful you are, there are many inattentive and dangerous drivers on the roads. This area of law has been a significant part of our firm’s practice. Injuries can be very serious, with permanent health consequences. Accidents can also result in a significant loss of income. We can help you recoup your loss wages in case of an accident.

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At our firm we know how to anticipate what will happen, both in your personal life and in the legal arena. We can help guide you through what can certainly be a difficult time. We will investigate accidents, including obtaining accident reports and talking with the police when necessary. We make it a priority to investigate any potential insurance coverage which would pay for your medical bills as well as any loss of income.

As time progresses, issues will arise over any payments for loss of earning and permanent medical injuries. Insurance companies who represent the negligent party will attempt to limit the financial payout. Our firm is experienced in obtaining what injured parties deserve. We will sit down with you and evaluate any settlement offers, and whether they should be rejected in favor of litigation. Insurance companies fear attorneys who will go to trial and have a successful track record, which is what we offer.

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