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6 Tips to Prevent Construction Site Accidents

July 22, 2017
Contruction site accident

A construction ground is a very dangerous place to be regardless of whether it’s on a small or a large commercial site. Contractors often do the best they can to inform workers of possible accidents and safety precautions, but injuries can still occur as a result of unforeseen events.

According to the United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration, roughly 150,000 construction site injuries occur across the nation every year. As a result, it’s important that you stay informed and remain as cautious as possible when on site.

Here are a few ways to avoid construction site accidents.

  1. Mandatory Safety Meetings  

It is important to hold mandatory daily meetings with all workers especially those involved in high-risk work. These meetings serve as an avenue for reminding workers of the need to remain alert at all times. Therefore you should avoid generic topics and adopt educating your team on unique ways to stay focused and avoid accidents. Try to motivate your crew with factual and specific safety information.

  1. Safety Gear

Everyone on the construction site must be on their safety gear, and this should not be compromised for any reason. Safety gear should include hard hats and eye protection.

  1. Reflective Clothing

One of the most common phrases used after construction accidents is ‘no one saw that coming’’. To avoid this, you should provide all crew with highly visible clothing including reflective vests. This will reduce the odds of someone getting hit by vehicles and any other machinery.

  1. Recommend Exercise

Advanced safety programs and insurance companies now demand that contractors should recommend warm up exercises for their workers before they begin the day. This aids to prevent accidents caused by lethargy. Given that most construction workers are overweight it might not be a bad idea. There will be some resistance at first, but you must be ready to maintain your stance and order all crew members from carpenters to truck drivers to get involved in the light warm up routine every day.

  1. Encourage Hydration

It is crucial for crew members to remain hydrated especially in warmer seasons. Proper hydration prevents fatigue and increases concentration level. Hydration should be with water and citrus or natural juices rather than energy and carbonated drinks that provide a false sense of energy which can wear out in no time. Reminding your crew members to maintain a healthy diet is also important. The healthier they are, the less likely it is that an accident will occur.

  1. Night work safety

The best idea is to hold a safety meeting at the beginning of each shift to ensure that all workers are alert and properly rested. This is even more important during night shifts because the level of alertness tends to naturally decrease after midnight. At this point, you need to increase your safety measures. Increase the amount of reflective apparel crew members have on and use “blue-light” presence on road jobs. Ensure that vehicle warning signs are visible to oncoming traffic. Spotters should have horns or whistles for immediate indication of possible trouble.If you want to reduce incidents of accidents to the barest minimum, it is important to use the safety tips above and more. This way, you’ll save yourself the cost of workers compensation.

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