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    Bus Accident

    Holding Negligent Companies Liable

    Many different types of accidents can result in personal injury cases. One such type is a bus accident. Bus accidents happen in many different ways. Passengers in a bus can be injured when it is driven in a negligent manner, or other motorists can be injured when their cars are struck by the bus. Regardless of whether you were a passenger in the bus or in your own vehicle, SM Law Group, APC can help you file a lawsuit against the bus company responsible for your injuries. Our Los Angeles bus accident attorneys have recovered millions of dollars and achieved justice on behalf of our deserving clients.

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    Types of Bus Companies You Can File Lawsuits Against

    In bus accidents, because the bus driver was an employee of the bus company, your personal injury claim will usually be filed against the company, not the driver individually. Bus companies are responsible for training their employees, screening their employees, maintaining the buses, and keeping their passengers safe. The trajectory of your bus accident lawsuit will be determined by the type of company that owns the bus.

    Types of buses include:

    • School Bus: When a child is injured in a school bus or another driver is struck by the school bus, you will bring a suit against the bus company. Some school districts contract busing responsibilities out to private bus companies, but depending on the facts of your case, your lawsuit could either be against the private company or against the municipality and school district.
    • Municipal Transit Bus: Many buses are operated by cities, towns, and states as a means of public transit. When this happens, any bus company owned and operated by a government entity will have special rules about the time limits to file a claim.
    • Private Bus: Many passengers are injured on private bus lines, such as Greyhound or other commercial carriers, or in a bus that was hired for a special occasion or trip. In these situations, a lawsuit will be filed against the private bus company.

    Serious Injuries from Bus Accidents

    In a bus accident, the victims can have serious injuries. Many bus passengers are unrestrained, which can lead to whiplash, head and brain injuries, soft tissue injuries, and broken bones. When a bus strikes a pedestrian or a passenger car, the injuries can be catastrophic due to the size of the bus relative to the car or the human body. In any of these situations, whether the injury is whiplash or a brain injury, the victim has a right to compensation to make up for the impact the accident had on their life. Typically, the more serious injuries are, the more expensive they tend to be to treat.

    Our attorneys can help you recover the following damages so you can return to normal life:

    • Medical bills, including ambulance rides, hospital stays, surgeries, prescription medications, physical therapy, and more
    • Lost wages, income, or future earning capacity
    • Property damage, including car repairs and replacements
    • Pain and suffering

    Bus Accident Victims


    Attorneys for Bus Accident Victims

    Here at SM Law Group, APC, we help victims of many different types of accidents. If you were hurt in a bus accident, you need lawyers who understand California bus accident law and who will go the distance to make sure you are compensated for your injuries. Call our firm today to set up a consultation where we will review your bus accident case and advise you about your legal rights.

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