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Our seasoned lawyers at SM Law Group, APC know that individuals who have suffered devastating injuries resulting from accidents face significant medical bills, challenging physical rehabilitation, and emotional trauma. That is why we are committed to representing clients throughout Los Angeles in all personal injury matters.

Having an attorney in your corner who is knowledgeable of personal injury law is crucial if you want to recover the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to. Our legal team has a reputation for providing clients with the high-quality representation they deserve at each phase of their cases. So you can feel confident knowing that our legal team will fiercely advocate for your rights and defend your best interests.

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Recoverable Personal Injury Damages

Our top-notch personal injury lawyers have secured favorable verdicts and settlements on behalf of clients throughout the greater Riverside area. Some of the most common losses recovered in personal injury lawsuits include:

Personal Injury
  • Blue tick Future medical costs
  • Blue tick Past medical costs and expenses related to health problems arising from the accident.
  • Blue tick Lost wages
  • Blue tick Loss of future income if you are unable to return to work
  • Blue tick Pain and suffering from the emotional trauma caused by the accident
  • Blue tick Property damage acquired in the accident

Choosing the Right Lawyer
for Your Case

It's critical to choose an experienced lawyer you're comfortable with and have confidence in if you want to pursue compensation for a personal injury. The most important thing is knowing your lawyer has your best interests in mind and will advocate for you in court. Personal Injury cases are complex legal matters that require an in-depth review of evidence and analysis of the various factors contributing to your injury. That is why you need to consult with our legal team in Riverside to discuss your case and find out about the personalized service we provide to help clients get through difficult times.

Personal Injury Law
Personal Injury

FAQ: Personal Injury Cases

Although you might not hold any anger against the person who caused your Injury, you will likely need to take them to court if you want to recover the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to under the law. It's not surprising that the negligent party often promises to take on expenses, or even acknowledges the accident was their fault, only to change stories when talking to the insurance company.

Here are some of the common questions clients ask us about personal injury liability:

Personal Injury Cases


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