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Avoiding Holiday Season Auto Accidents

August 1, 2017
Season Auto Accident

Everyone understands that we’re approaching the busiest time of the year, most especially for travelers, and that’s the time we’ll have drivers flooding our highways and roads. As good as this may sound, the large numbers of families all around the city and the globe at large alongside the heavy traffic traveling through long distances also mean there’ll be increased risk of car accidents and mishaps all over the country. Do you know a minor accident can affect your holiday plans? especially if your auto insurance is not enough to get you home safe. Before we go on, I’ll like to share basic key features that contribute to holiday accidents, and also how to avoid them to ensure that you arrive at your destination safely.

The deadliest Factor: Alcohol

Alcohol happens to be one out of the most common cause of fatal accidents during a period like this. Drivers under its influence account for nearly a third of motor vehicle fatalities during this festive period. Even though your car insurance will still pay the liability limits of your coverage plan if you are involved in an accident that is DUI- related, but your rates will go up and there will be no coverage for you in jail if you incur criminal charges. So its best to protect yourself and the lives of your passengers with responsible practices if you plan to imbibe this period.

Designate a driver

Any driver that you assign to take you on your trip should shoud be well equipped with food, make sure to get enough sleep, and a take a shower before setting out.

Go for a cab if possible

During this period also, there are issues of intoxicated pedestrians getting struck by motorists. Still talking about responsible drinking, there’s also need to be cautious of others who may pose an equally serious threat and may be be less coherent.

Weather as another determinant

Families all around will travel an average round trip of over 500 miles. As you journey, especially the ones that’ll leave behind the comfort of the sunbelt, they may come in contact with heavy snow, frost and long stretches of icy roads. Before embarking on a journey of this kind, you have to be sure your car is fit- did you fix the proper tires? Even if you have prepared yourself and your car for a long ride through inclement weather,you still have to take note of the risk involved with other less experienced drivers that may lose control and hit you.

Other things to take note of;

  • Ensure careful and correct Braking
  • Stop using cruise control
  • Prepare your tires and headlight, and also make necessary fluids available.
  • Be sure about the weather conditions before setting out.

Distractions can go a long way too

Are you the type that texts while driving? Or you answer messages on your cell phone and at the same enter information on navigating apps? Are you fussing over radio settings with your partner while your kids bicker in the back seat? Some studies conducted proved that driving distraction is detrimental as driving drunk, and holiday periods especially, are full of mysteries and distractions.

Travel on a Different Day.

The Wednesday before holiday and thanksgiving and the Sunday after are deduced historically to be the busiest traffic days that contribute to car accidents. If you’re going to travel within any of these days, then you have to patient as you’re already aware that everyone wants to arrive at their holiday destinations. You have to stay calm and drive carefully so that everyone arrives at their destination in peace.

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