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California’s 3 Most Dangerous Roads

August 25, 2017
Most dangerous Road

Traffic and car accidents are a leading cause of death in the United States. However, there are states where driving and staying safe is more difficult than others such as in California. It can be difficult to avoid such accidents in California, home to some of the world’s most dangerous roads, highways and freeways. If you find yourself traveling through California or planning a vacation there, you should research these roads and which ones you can avoid when traveling. Here are some facts and descriptions about these roads that details why they are so dangerous.

Highway 70

Located in Yuba Country, California, Highway 70 is one of the most dangerous roads in the state and in the country. This highway is a total of 27 miles long and is notorious for accidents and mishaps. Due to California’s growth and ever changing cities, this highway is often overtaken by construction and the transport of materials. However, slow driving tourists also travel this road frequently.

This stretch of highway is a fast-paced highway with high speed limits. The fast speed limits mixed with the slow drivers on tour makes for a difficult driving atmosphere. On Highway 70, there are multiple farms that move their equipment down the highway, especially during California’s harvest season. Tractors and farm equipment are slow moving – a high contrast to the fast vehicles that take this highway. The equipment makes for a difficult drive down Highway 70 and you must keep an eye out always for your safety.

Highway 49

Unfortunately, it does get more frightening that Highway 70. In California, the hills create a rough driving environment in some areas. On Highway 49, there are passages of rough terrain and twists and turns that are impossible to avoid. Semi-trucks and vehicles carrying heavy machinery are often seen on this road and make driving a bit more difficult. On the twists and turns that are involved in this road, cyclists are often involved in accidents due to the fast pace and multiple blind spots. This highway also has dark conditions at times and is not as well-lit as most highways are. Highway 49 is a thrill for some, however the sharp turns are dangerous for vehicles who are not familiar with the area. Highway 49 should be avoided if you are new to the area or just passing through. There are plenty of other highways that can get you where you need to go. Highway 49 is a popular drive for those wanting a change of scenery. However, this long span is difficult to drive without the proper experience.

Mineral King Road

This road is the “king” of dangerous roads. In California, there are few roads that are as dangerous as Mineral King. The journey down this strip is a daunting 24 miles long and includes very narrow roads that are hard to see around. These narrow roads include sharp turns that can be impossible to make when fast drivers are passing around other vehicles. This road is notorious for causing drivers to spin out of control head on into other drivers who are coming from the other direction. Believe it or not, large semi-trucks still use this road for transporting goods back and forth between states. The roads are considered too narrow and it becomes impossible to drive it. Mineral King Road is home to many complaints, accidents and mishaps down its 24 mile stretch. The road is often not large enough for two vehicles to pass in some areas and must be taken with extreme caution. Mineral King can be avoided and should be if you are unfamiliar with the route. Protect yourself and take another route to your destination.

All three of these roads are dangerous and exceed your imagination in driving. If you are thrill seeking, these roads are for you. However, you should use extreme caution when traveling down these highways and roads. California’s terrain is rough and not at all flat. Highways and roads take on the terrain of the land around them, this creating difficult driving conditions on some surfaces. These three highways and roads are some of the most dangerous in the world and should be taken with care.

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