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Five Step Hit and Run Accident Check List

June 8, 2017
Hit and Run Accident

Being in a car accident while you are driving is difficult. However, being the victim of a hit-and-run incident is incredibly devastating for the party left behind. Not only is there the possibility of serious injuries to the passengers involved, but a hit-and-run usually means significant damage to the vehicle.

Even if the parties involved are scared after a hit-and-run, it is best to remain calm and rational. Here are five steps everyone should follow after a hit-and-run incident.1. Medical Services –Do not hesitate to get an ambulance or another ride to the hospital soon after the accident. If there is evidence of any serious injuries, call 911 and have them send an ambulance. Do not panic and try to ensure everyone else involved is also calm.2. Documentation –Resist the urge to track down the person who did this within minutes after the accident. Stop, make sure everyone is okay, call the police if necessary and step outside to look at the vehicle. Take photographs of the car to document damage from the accident.

Take out your phone or a notepad and write down everything you remember about the vehicle that sped away. License plate information, car make, model and the driver’s appearance are details that can prove very useful to insurance companies and the authorities.3. Witnesses –When you step out and examine your car, see if any other cars stopped after the accident. There is a chance that someone had a better view of what happened. They can also help you document the events in as much detail as possible. If someone else got a good look at the car’s license plate, or at the driver’s face, this can prove incredibly useful.

4. Police –Call the police even if no one is seriously injured. Have them come to the scene and tell them what happened. It is crucial that the police file a report and remain on the lookout for this vehicle and driver. If you give them an accurate description, along with a partial license plate, it makes their jobs a lot easier.

5. Call a SM Law Group –If you have car insurance, your insurance company should also get a call about this incident. Tell them what happened so they can start the relevant claims process. But victims of a hit-and-run should also contact a lawyer the next day. This is the best way to ensure that you get justice and adequate compensation.

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