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Midland Funding

April 9, 2017
Midland Funding

The People vs. Midland Funding LLC

Many people have been sued by junk debt buyers. One of the most common junk debt buyers is called Midland Funding LLC. Many individuals have been contacted via telephone, letter, or other forms of communication. If you or someone you know is being sued by Midland Funding LLC, contact SM Law Group for a free consultation. Here at SM Law Group, we understand how stressful it can be when having legal issues right at your doorstep.

About Midland Funding LLCWho or what is Midland Funding LLC? Midland Funding LLC is a specific JDB (junk debt buyer) that buys charged off debt for cheap. For example, if you have a credit card and can’t pay back what you owe, the credit card company may decide to sue or sell the account. The JDB comes in and offers to pay for a few cents on the dollar between a penny and a dime worth. In turn, the junk debt buyer will legally sue the person for the debt, plus added interest, on their account. The credit card account can be sold since it is included in the contract the individual signed. The account and all rights are bought out by this junk debt buyer. This process is very legal as Midland Funding can request the individual to pay the full amount of the debt. These junk debt buyers follow similar processes across the United States. The people working for them are simply following the same text like an actor does with his script and will try to have you send money directly to them.

There is no question that collection agencies such as the one mentioned are wreaking havoc among men and women. As overwhelming as it may be, it is important to follow some tips to help everything move smoothly. Contact a lawyer, specifically a financial/bankruptcy attorney from SM Law Group. The attorney will listen to you and read or listen to the information sent by Midland Funding LLC pertaining to the lawsuit. Here is some positive news: these cases are can end in a win for our clients.

What to Do if Being Sued by Midland Funding LLC

First step in fighting your case is to file an answer to the JDB’s complaint. Both sides have to create a disclosure statement, which allows each side to tell their side of the story with facts. This includes witnesses each party plans to introduce in the case and documentation planned to be used in court. One of the attorneys at SM Law Group may be able to help you collect the evidence they need to determine if you should recommend settling or continue taking the case to court.

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