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Stop Receiving Repo Collection Harassment Calls

January 23, 2017
Accident Lawyer

Owing money to credit agencies is not something anyone enjoys, but when your debt is sold to a company that employs tactics that are borderline illegal or simply illegal, your stress level can drastically increase. For that reason, it is a good idea to attempt to get rid of the calls plaguing you. Below are ideas to help you deal with debt that you owe and debt owed by other individuals who are being called on your personal phone numbers.

Stop the Calls for Other People at Your Number If you have recently gotten a new phone number and are receiving repeated calls at that number for other individuals who lived at your address, that can easily be stopped. After the first time the credit company calls asking for a certain individual, write a letter to that company saying you dispute the debt they are trying to get repaid because you are not the individual in question. Send the letter, preferably via certified mail, to the company’s address. This must be done within 30 days after their initial call to your number. Then, they have to provide proof that you owe the debt and not another individual. That will not be possible in this case. Therefore, per the FDCPA, they must stop calling you. They also have to mark the debt as in dispute, so they can not sell it to another agency to get the money and have you back to dealing with the calls.

Stop Calls for Your Debt

There are several methods commonly used by credit agencies that are technically illegal. Catch them using these methods in a way that you can prove and take them to court. The methods that are illegal include calling repeatedly to annoy you, trying to collect more than you owe, threatening violence and failing to send you a written notice of your debt within five days of their first contact with you.

Now, the first one (calling repeatedly to annoy you) is a subjective one. Keep track of the times they call and how many times each day. Make sure to save messages they leave and make note of what they say. Then, you can share these pieces of evidence with the judge and hope that the judge will agree that the amount of contact was enough to be harassment.

Failing to send written notice can also get you out of dealing with repetitive calls, because the law states they must inform you of the amount you owe, the original creditor to whom you owe the debt and your rights when it comes to disputing the debt. Failure to provide you with said information can lead to your winning a dispute against them in court.

If these all sound like intense processes, it may be in your best interest to reach out to professionals who can guide you through dealing with creditors and successfully seeing an end to the repetitive calls regarding repossession or collection efforts. The lawyers at SM Law Group have handled numerous cases like this for happy customers, and they will be sure to let you know the best options for you and the way you should move forward to end the calls that bother you day and night.

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