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What You Need to Know About Porter Ranch Gas Leak Law Suits

June 15, 2017
Gas Leak Law Suits

One of the biggest examples of a wrongful death suit occurred recently in Southern California. It involved the gas company, SoCal Gas, and how they were sued by a woman’s family. This family accused SoCal Gas of playing a major role in her lung cancer’s development. The woman, from Porter Ranch, passed away recently, but she asserted that the gas leak at SoCal Gas exacerbated her condition.

There is a lot of misinformation about this case, with people saying that she accused SoCal Gas of causing her to get lung cancer. This is not true at all. The woman’s family specifically stated that she already had lung cancer at the time of the gas leak. However, her death was hastened because of the gas leak and the damage those leaked chemicals caused in her body. She also suffered a lot more because of the gas leak, per the lawsuit.

A specific correlation was found by the victim’s family that shows how the woman’s condition got a lot worse as soon as the gas leak occurred. While she had lung cancer before the gas leak, she was still actively living her life and hoping to beat her diagnosis. However, she was too weak to move around within a few weeks of the gas leak. She needed an oxygen tank for breathing and could not walk without the assistance of a cane.

Eventually she was hospitalized, and ended up passing away within a month of her hospitalization.

Wrongful Death Suits –There are many cases around California where the negligence or intentional behavior of other individuals or parties may cause another person’s tragic and untimely death. There is nothing wrong with the aggrieved parties seeking financial compensation through a civil suit.

It may seem tactless to try and make money off a loved one’s death, but it is about getting justice in their honor. If someone caused your loved one’s death through their negligence, they must be held accountable in civil court. Wrongful death suits related to road accidents, explosions and defects in products are very common.

How Can SM Law Group Help? If a loved one died prematurely because of someone else’s mistakes, it is important to consult with a wrongful death attorney immediately. Go over the circumstances of the case with your attorney and explain your loved one’s death in as much detail as possible. This will be painful, but it allows the lawyer to understand whether or not you can file a wrongful death suit.

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